National Pageant Information
Interview 45%
Panel for minutes (6) minutes. Dress for interview competition is a
business suit, pants suit, or a business dress. Dress as if you were going
to a job interview; a conservative look and dress is highly preferred in
this pageant system. Points will be deducted for inappropriate interview
attire! Shoes can be either pumps, peep toe or slingback heels. Strappy
heeled sandals (e.g.: Chinese Laundry) are not considered appropriate
shoes for interview competition. . You will be asked about information
on your previously submitted judges sheet.

Personal Expression 5%
This speech is done in front of the judges in a room and it is 2 1/2
minutes or less. You can wear any attire for this portion or any attire
that fits your topic. The speech can be on any topic (ex. Your hobbies,
platform, family, career to name a few.) You can also use any props
you feel necessary to enhance your speech. It is your time to be
creative. This is where you show your creative side through your
whatever angle your are trying to present. Remember, you want to
capture their attention. You need to bring whatever props or items
needed to make your presentation. This a display or presentation of
your skills, hobbies, abilities. Provide information through the
presentation even if its a display of a talent. Let them know why it was

Fashion Wear 20%
Fashion Wear which Think trendy, runway, stylish.

Evening Gown 20%
Evening Gown can be any type dress of your own choosing as long as it

On Stage Question -  10%
The contestants will draw a questions from a container and they will   
read the question before handing it to the emcee to read aloud to the

Remember there are no height or weight requirements.
We are more than just a beauty pageant
but a event that looks for the total package.

In each division there will be the following:
Personal Expression
Fashion Wear
Program Book Photogenic

Cover Model Contest: This is an optional competition. There will be one
winner who will have her photo placed on the back cover of the
program book. This is a separate award from the program book
photogenic award. The winner will also receive a prize, crown, sash and
award.  First photo is $75 and each addition photo is $10.
They can be a head shot or full body. Photo’s will be returned the day
you arrive at the pageant if you mail them in. If you e-mail your
photos send to
All photos and fees are due by October 2016

The Nedra Stewart Community Service Award:This will be based upon
what the contestants have done in their community. Please submit a
folder with your community involvement to the pageant office. Please
do not send in loose articles have them organized and be creative with
your book. Be sure to include copies of any articles, pictures or
anything else from activities you have been involved with. You can go
back as far as 7 years. Books are turned in at registration. The cost to
enter is $25

Rules And Regulations:

Entrant must be a resident of North America (including All US
territories, Canada and Mexico) Dual residency or residence at a
military installation is allowed. You may represent your state where
you were born, attended or attends school, have family or own
property, currently work or live. If you win the title, you must agree to
attend the 2017 Nationals to crown your successor.

Entrant must be in good health and must be of good moral character.

All delegates are required to stay at the host hotel on Friday and
Saturday. You are also required to make your reservations under the
pageant group block. There will be no exceptions to this rule please do
not ask. If contestant's do not stay at the host hotel major points will
be deducted from the final score.

All state title holders are requested but not required to make at least
one to two appearances before the national event.

A pageant participant holds harmless the pageant, MAVAE-5 Inc.
and/or it's director(s) and staff from any and all claims for damage to
any person or property by reason of participation in this pageant, or
subsequent events derived from participation in this pageant.

Delegate grants permission to the pageant director to use her
photograph or likeness for advertising purposes.

You will be responsible for transportation to the national event and
your hotel accommodations.

Entrant is allowed to have a modeling contract, commercial tie-up or
exclusive agency contract as long as it does not interfere with
representing this title. We do not authorize or permit the use of the
name “Ms American Elegance” or any other title with respect to the
pageant in any manner unless specifically approved by the director of
the Ms. American Elegance Pageant.

For Ms. Sophisticate division size is based on evening gown size 14 &

For the Mrs Division you must be married for at least 6 month and 25
years or older. Currently residing with your husband and not separated
or in the process of a divorce. Residency on a military base is acceptable

You can go up a age division if you will be that age as of the day of the
start of nationals.

All judges decisions are final. Refunds will not be given under any

If selected as the winner you will be required to sign a contract stating
you will arrange and make 18 appearances during your reign.  If you
are unwilling to sign the contract you forfeit your title. You will receive
some prizes that evening and the remainder when you come back to
crown your succesor.

As a American Elegance National titleholder, you agree not to compete
in any other pageant during your reign for a period of 9 months from
the date of crowning.
If you wish to compete in a pageant after that time permission must be
granted from the national office and the request must be made 30 days
prior. The request must be made in writing by mail. The above rule
only applies to National titleholders not State or Regional titleholder.

A pageant for any woman because all women are elegant and beautiful.
No experience necessary.

Questions e-mail the National Office